Homes For Sale in Lenox Village

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    Are you looking for homes for sale in Lenox Village? Let me show you the best properties on the market in this amazing neighborhood. My team strives to find you the perfect home that fits your budget and lifestyle. After helping many buyers find homes in Lenox Village, my expertise will be sure to help you as well!

    What style homes are available in Lenox Village?

    Lenox Village is a community made of one to three bedroom condominiums and single family homes. The square footage of homes in Lenox Village ranges from 1,500 square feet up to around 3,500 square feet for single family homes. Both the condominiums and the single-family homes are equipped with both brick and stone exteriors.

    Price of Homes in Lenox Village

    Real estate prices are reasonable considering the area’s excellent amenities, central location, and attractive surroundings. The median price for a condo in Lenox Village is around $235,000, but the average home sales price is about $319,000.

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    Talk To The Expert Lenox Village Realtor

    Are you ready to buy your dream house in Lenox Village, or simply have questions? Or are you interested in selling in Lenox Village? Then I would love to help you and be your realtor! Count on my team to go above and beyond to make your home buying and selling experience as hassle-free as possible. Call today to schedule a consultation and discover everything you need to pick the perfect home.