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    Selling your home can be emotionally and physically draining when you don’t have the right real estate agent at your side. I am the leading Lenox Village realtor for getting your property sold quickly, at the best price, and with minimal stress. I have sold many homes in this neighborhood, and have a proven track record for being one of the top real estate agents in Nashville, TN.

    Contact me today to discuss selling your Lenox Village property.

    The #1 Realtor In Lenox Village

    When you sell your home, make sure you use a real estate agent who understands the market, and truly knows the home data for Lenox Village, as this is critical to selling your home for top-dollar and within a reasonable time.

    Lenox Village location trends indicate that the average home value has increased by 8% over the past six months. Currently, the average selling price for a house in the neighborhood is around $319,000.

    Most listed properties in Lenox Village stay on the market for an average of 43 days, and buyers pay about 99% of the seller’s asking price when buying a home here. For more information about real estate in the area, download our Lenox Village Market Report or contact us.

    After looking at your home, we will also make recommendations to and provide you with home improvement tips that will raise your property’s value, and make it one of the most desirable homes to buy in Lenox Village.

    Our 5-Step Marketing Plan

    Our tested and proven 5-step marketing plan ensures that we sell your home faster and at a better price than any other realtor in Lenox Village. The plan covers everything from appraising and listing your property to world-class marketing to negotiating with potential buyers. 

    Call (615) 222-3367 today to schedule a consultation and find out how our home selling experts can satisfy your needs.

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    Tiffany J. Holt

    Benchmark Realty LLC

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    Tiffany J. Holt

    Benchmark Realty LLC

    Talk To The Expert Lenox Village Realtor

    Interested in buying your dream house in Lenox Village? Or are you interested in selling? Count on my team to go above and beyond to make your home buying experience as hassle-free as possible. Call (615) 653-3039 today to schedule a consultation and discover everything you need to pick the perfect home.